Digital Solutions for AiResource Technologies, LLC

We were commissioned by AiResource Technologies, LLC to develop a highly secure and flexible CMS (content management system) that provided the AiResource team a way to ingest, analyze and distribute their data across networks as well as their team. 

CEO & Lead Engineer,  Randy Chapman gave us a very specific list of goals and parameters to work with. At the forefront was security and redundancy. Just behind their CMS goals, Mr. Chapman also commissioned Pillar to create a digital platform to share information and host their marketing teams collateral. We were able to create a secure data sharing protocol with many cross-checks for added authentication. With our proprietary CMS installed, we were able to easily and seamlessly able to create a website for AiResource that offered a platform for their marketing team to use and gather analytics.

We have been working with AiResource for over 3 years and have co-authored many solutions with Mr. Chapman and his team. This year looks to be an exciting one as we are in development for digital systems integration with their Efficient Combustion Design Technology and Green Diesel Platforms.