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This year has already been a busy one for us with many new and exciting updates. Along with the addition of our new team of developers and creatives, we are happy to share our newly developed framework and engine for all of our tracking applications in a suite we call PILLARTRAK.

Over the past 3 years, we have developed PILLARTRAK on a foundation built with SPEED, RELIABILITY, FLEXIBILITY and SECURITY at the forefront. With this strong foundation, our client's confidence and dependance on PILLARTRAK has created a demand for more applications specifically designed for many of their operations. 

Today, the PILLARTRAK suite boasts 4 all new bespoke applications...



  • PT | GUEST - Tracks your facilities guests and visitors with fast check-in, and check out
  • PT | KEYS -  Tracks and inventories your physical keys, key cabinets,  key rings and door locations
  • PT | SECURE - Tracks access points for your security team with ease and accountability
  • PT | KIOSK - Tracks and stores your public display certifications and information at your fingertips

All applications within the PILLARTRAK suite utilize active directory, local windows servers (VDI), closed system, daily status reports, real-time reporting, customizable dashboards and run on any mobile device or PC.In the coming weeks and months, we will update our website with more information on these applications.

If you would like more information, please contact us here and send us a message.