Redefining Guest Check-In & Tracking with PILLARTRAK GUEST


Effectively deploying a guest management system for your facilities can be a complex and time-consuming experience for your staff and for visitors. PillarTrak (PT) GUEST is a custom-tailored guest management software solution that allows your team to quickly and efficiently check-in visitors to your facility and keep track of their location status as they travel through your monitored facility.

How Does PT GUEST Work?

PT GUEST checks-in visitors using their state driver’s license. Each visitor, as they check in, is issued a printed badge with a bar code that is worn clipped to clothing, affixed with a sticker or around the neck on a lanyard. The system provides your staff with real time analytics, based upon each visitor who checks in. PT GUEST can issue real-time SMS messages to notify security for any alerts on a visitor.  The system can also issue SMS messages to the visitor, alerting them of visiting hours or other text messages that you wish to make visitors aware of.

PT GUEST can change visiting allowances or specify/grant/lock access to specific floors or areas of buildings. The system reliably enhances efficiency via speed and ease of use for staff, allowing them to more quickly process guests to the facility, giving both your guests and staff a more pleasant and time efficient greeting and check-in experience when visiting your facilities.  


  • View Guest Pictures and Check Their Visitor Status
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Realtime Analytics
  • Barcode Scanning For Fast Check-In & Check-Out
  • Automatic Daily/Monthly Reports
  • Lightning Fast Search Engine
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Add Alerts To Guest Visits
  • Entire Solution Operates On Your Local Host Server

If you would like more information on PILLARTRAK | GUEST, please contact us here and send us a message.