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Reliable Rapid Response System


Our advanced internal critical alert messaging system, Intralert, is designed to streamline communication within hospitals. Our innovative solution utilizes wireless technology and custom-built paging devices to display real-time alert codes, such as "code red" or "code blue."

With a focus on internal and self-sufficient reliability, Intralert ensures uninterrupted operation and communications, eliminating concerns about third-party system and network failures. As long as the hospital's wireless network is up and running, our system remains fully operational.

The two primary devices receiving these alerts are hospital computers and our proprietary programmed paging devices. Additionally, our devices offer an acknowledgment feature, enabling users to acknowledge alerts, while the system tracks this information using active directory integration, providing enhanced accountability and traceability.


Intralert is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of hospitals, making it an exceptional choice for healthcare facilities.

The Intralert Advantage

Intralert significantly improves alert management efficiency and reliability, allowing critical messages to be delivered promptly and accurately.

With clear, real-time code display, medical staff can swiftly identify and respond to urgent situations, reducing response times and potentially saving lives. Moreover, Intralert offers a comprehensive tracking system, recording acknowledgments and linking them to individual users via active directory integration. This feature promotes accountability, ensuring that alerts are not only received but also acknowledged by the appropriate personnel.

By implementing Intralert, hospitals gain numerous benefits that enhance their internal communication and response capabilities.

Size Matters

With a small footprint, our Intralert device can be worn on a lanyard or placed in your pocket. With audible and vibration notifications, you'll never miss a message.

Why Intralert?

Our proprietary system and software eliminates dependence on external systems, mitigating the risk of service interruptions that could compromise patient safety and security. With our reliable wireless-based infrastructure, Intralert guarantees uninterrupted operation, providing hospitals with peace of mind. Additionally, the combination of computer and mobile device notifications ensures that medical staff can receive alerts wherever they are within the hospital, increasing accessibility and response rates.

Furthermore, the active directory integration enables seamless identification of personnel responsible for acknowledging alerts, fostering a culture of accountability and improving communication workflows. With Intralert, hospitals can enhance their internal alert management processes, enabling them to respond swiftly and efficiently to critical situations, ultimately enhancing patient care and safety.

Speed & Reliability

Timing is everything