Worry-Free Critical Alert Messaging For Hospitals

We are excited to announce our latest technology development, Intralert.

Designed specifically for healthcare facilities and hospitals, Intralert offers streamlined critical alert messaging with reliable connectivity by eliminating the use of outside cellular networks. As long as your facility has a functioning wireless network, our proprietary Intralert system and paging devices will remain fully operational.

Here are few features of Intralert:

  • Uninterrupted Operation/Communication on local network

  • Eliminates the need for third-party networks or systems

  • Utilizes Active Directory for seamless integration and tracking

  • Cost-effective paging devices with small footprint

  • Comprehensive Tracking & Recording Acknowledgement 

  • Designed for Hospitals and Healthcare facilities

  • Encrypted closed-loop system

  • Web-based portal CMS

For more information on the Intralert system, please see our Intralert page or feel free to contact us.